A Female Touch with the Manpower to Move

As the Business Development Sales Manager of A Clean Move, I’m proud to announce that we are now members of the Local Chapters of Business Women. This is a great group of women, empowering other women.  Their concept completely ties into what we also believe in, professionalism, efficiency, and the desire to see women excel in their careers. I was introduced to the Founder/Owner Denise Bradford of A Clean Move many years ago.  She is a remarkable, hardworking, single mom.  When she presented the concept of A Clean Move to me, I thought it was brilliant!  Considering all of the moves I have had throughout my life, we were never offered an all-female crew to meticulously dust and pack all our belongings.  By adding the female touch to it, it just makes you feel more comfortable and at ease.  When our ladies are finished cleaning and packing, our team of men will come into move your items in our famous pink truck. It’s the only one like it in town!I look forward to servicing you and being a part of your amazing move with our company.

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